Dental Implants

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1. Introduction

2. Armamenterium

3. Implant designs

4. Types of bone

5. Diagnosis and treatment planning

6. Radiographic diagnostic aids

7. Sterilization

8. Occlusion

9. Bone grafts

10. Prosthodontic rehabilitation

11. Impression techniques

12. Sinus lift techniques

13. Hands on exercises

14. Patient allotment

Dental Implant course will run on weekends for two days in a month,duration is three months.Timing of classes shall be from 10 am to 5 pm .All participants shall be allotted a minimum of two cases each for practice.Batch size will be limit to five participants only.Guidance shall be provided for selecting implants and physio dispenser for further clinical purpose.A certificate of participation shall be provided to all participants.All consumables and non consumable materials and equipment shall be provided by the centre.Participants can bring in their personal cases,for practice purpose.

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